How our story starts

The Sassy Scorpion Social Club(S.S.S.C) is a club for anyone who has ever felt a bit sassy, and lets be honest who has not felt sassy before? Maybe just a little bit?
The Scorpions that you can see here below, are a collection of 5499 different images generated on the Solana blockchain(more on that in a minute) To generate these scorpions, we used an algorithm with 7 categories and over 50 different traits to end up with some pretty great looking scorpions if you ask us.
Why more NFT collectibles you ask? Great question and truthfully if you’re asking that question, NFT collectibles might not be for you. But if you are on the fence then read on.
There are thousands of collections launching every day, so it is understandable to feel overwhelmed and truthfully quite skeptical. Most of these collections may not be around a month or a year from now. So why all the hype? It is the promise of hopefully stumbling upon the next big thing. That is OK, it is basic human instinct to want to be a part of the next big thing. However we think there is a lot more to us than that alone, we’d love to be the next big thing. But that only is possible with community.
We want to build a community, that fosters connection between people and the S.S.S.C collection is a fun start. We truthfully do not know how our community is going to fare in the long run, we hope it is around for a while and these scorpions become the avatars of your social media, and then they become a badge of honor, a symbol of being part of something big, something different.


We are not experts and we do not claim to be, this is a new space and a new time and everybody is learning as they go. What we can tell you is we are based in Austin Texas, we are planning on sticking around for the long run and want to make this fun and enjoyable for everyone that becomes a part of the club. We want to give back and be a community that people want to be a part of.

The guy in charge of the S.S.S.C is a family guy, who loves his family dearly. He has big ambition, and thinks that S.S.S.C is an excellent example of using ambition for good.

Thats the reason for what we are doing, become a part of it, make a difference, make some friends, have some fun along the way.


This is the point where we should talk about the roadmap. Like we mentioned above we want to build community and foster a feeling of connectedness. Lots of roadmaps will quite frankly bullshit you with complicated lingo and technical terms, most of which will never happen. So we are going to be fully up front and let you know that what happens next is up to you, up to us, up to everyone. Lets build something unique together. We want to build something awesome, maybe a Scorpion chest but to get there we first need to crawl, lets crawl and then we can walk.


1. How do I buy one?

Good Question! We have created the S.S.S.C collection on the SOL blockchain. We love ETH and we cannot lie. But as everyone knows there are some mighty large gas fees attached depending on what way the wind blows. Things are getting better for sure, but they are still not wonderful. So we decided to use SOL, you will quickly see if you are not familiar that the gas fees are low and its super quick!

2. Thanks for explaining SOL, but how do I buy still? And how much will some sass run me?

These Sassy Scorpions are priced at 0.49 SOL. You will see a connect wallet button at the top right of this page. Connect you SOL wallet of choice and you should be good to go. When the mint date is live, you need to make sure you have enough SOL in your account for the NFT+small gas fee and you will be good to go! We like Phantom wallet personally, but feel free to use whatever one you want!

3. Is there a limit?

We have set a limit of 10 Sassy Scorpions at a time, to allow everyone a fair chance at getting one. Feel free to buy more than 10 in separate transactions if you really love being sassy and helping people at the same time.

4. Where can I see what I have just bought?

Your Sassy Scorpion will be available in your wallet as soon as the transaction has cleared the blockchain. Reveal will happen within 24hours of the sell out. Marketplace will follow

Who Will S.S.S.C Help

At S.S.S.C we want to give back to the community. We believe giving back to community is important, we also believe in equality and everyone has basic human rights that must be given to everyone and not just the people lucky enough to be born with them.

The S.S.S.C will be a community, a worldwide community. There are literally thousands of charities in this world, some better than others.

Once we have active members within our community, lets talk and make plans together with who to support.

We can say now that we are going to give X or Y to some random charity, but we need the support of the community first before we can start throwing around charity names and donations. Lets all be a bit sassy and do some good in this wild planet we call home.


Ok we have discussed a bit about what S.S.S.C will do for charity, and we are going to do it asap. Lets get the community together and make plans We also want to have some fun along the way!

(1) The first 500 owners of minted Scorpions will be entered into a drawing. 5 lucky winners will each be gifted 1 SOL + another S.S.S.C NFT.

(2) The first 3000 owners of freshly minted Sassy Scorpions will be entered into another drawing where 3 lucky winners will be gifted 2 SOL each!

(3) Upon all Sassy Scorpions leaving the desert there will be a drawing of every owner.

1st Place = 5 SOL

2nd Place = 3 SOL

3rd Place = 1.5 SOL

So in a quick roundup, we will be giving away 20 SOL plus extra special S.S.S.C NFTS immediately after minting is done


The S.S.S.C NFT Season 1 collection will be the first in a line of S.S.S.C collections. As a Season 1 holder we want to be able to offer cool, different, exciting opportunities to you as the holder. What will they be? Like we said before we really do not know yet(We told you we won’t bullshit you) We know for a fact that we will be inviting some guest artists to airdrop to Season 1 holders, and will be creating some cool swag that will be sent to EVERY Season 1 collector for FREE. This will be voted on and once a consensus is met, we will get it in production